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  • No 96 3rd Quarter 2015 - Revolution

    Model Box No 96 - Revolution

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - How fundamentally will the new BOBST press change the packaging market, and why? When did BOBST start working with Model? Are there particular reasons for giving Model pole position? How will production look in the future?
    You'll find the answers in the new Model Box !

    For further information call us T +41 71 626 71 11 or send us a mail: info [dot] ch [at] modelgroup [dot] com

  • Nr. 94 4.Quartal 2014 - Direction

    Model Box Nr. 94 4.Quartal 2014 - Direction

    Editorial: Elisabeth Model, Climate-neutral packaging, Model Recover, Model Kramp GmbH, Model ICC, Production 4.0, Interview - Peter Weibel, STIHL Kettenwerk Schweiz, Logistics, Energy Management at Thurpapier, Award-winning, World of Cardboard, climate-neutral purchasing, Papertrading/ Publication details

  • Model Box nr 3/2012

    Zapraszamy do lektury magazynu Model Box nr 3/2012, a w nim

    • 17 edycja konkursu "Młode Opakowanie"
    • Artykuł o kreatywnym projektowaniu opakowań
    • Najnowsze inwestycje firmy Model
    • Wywiad z Dyrektorem Marketingu firmy Hoop Polska
    • Produkty i innowacje
    • Kolejna edycja konkursu dla naszych Czytelników
    ModelBox32012PL.pdf (PDF, 2.44 MB)
  • No 83 1st Quarter 2012 - Solid

    But as such unsound practices spread, so do people increasingly yearn for soundness and solidity – an opportunity? Definitely!

  • No 82 4th Quarter 2011 - Specialists

    Model Box 82 4th Quarter 2011 - Specialists

    Did you know that the orca, or killer whale, has the widest natural diet of all marine animals – perhaps even of the entire animal kingdom – and that orcas use most known hunting strategies? Whether tiny crayfish or blue whale, no animal is safe from the orca. The orca has developed a special hunting strategy for each type of prey, and there are many.


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