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Refined and unique – your packaging from Model


Model AG, CH-Au (SG) - True to the motto 'less is more', a print image often requires very little finishing to make it stand out from competitors' products. In the right place and chosen with the help of a packaging expert, gold foil or embossing can add that extra touch of exclusivity to your product.

To see how tactile effects can enhance your product, take a look at these postcards (Flyer only available in German) shown in the flyer from Model AG, Au (St. Gallen), available to order at welcome [at] modelgroup [dot] com.

Rigid, fine or luxury cardboard boxes – Model packaging makes your products look elegant, offers them optimal protection and underscores your unique brand image.

Robust, stable cardboard is the foundation, while special paper and finishes create a unique look, and an exquisite interior complements and protects your product – giving it a sophisticated and high-quality appearance. You have almost limitless options when it comes to the shape and finish of your design. Foil embossing gives the packaging a unique look using colour and glossy, matt or textured foil. Relief embossing creates an elegant appearance and lends text and other visual elements a clear outline. Contrasts can be intensified using varnishes.

Our product designers work with you to create packaging that emphasises your product’s appearance and reinforces your brand identity. Arrange a consultation and we'll show you just how we can refine your packaging to create an extraordinary tactile experience.

Interested? Get in touch with me:


 Miroslav Gligoric, Solution Provider Model AG, Au (St. Gallen)
 T +41 79 202 66 21 - miroslav [dot] gligoric [at] modelgroup [dot] com



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