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Whether you need a top quality sales display or a simple folding box, you can rely on our experts to choose exactly the right colors. The three printing techniques of flexo, offset and digital are available to us. Each process has its own advantages.

Pre-print, also known as pre-press, is part of the printing process. It covers all the pre-printing processes. These include scanning, data processing, retouching, image processing, layout and – depending on the printing process used – plate setting or computer-to-plate (CTP) for offset printing and electromechanical or laser engraving for gravure printing. The role of pre-print is to convert content and data into printable data for the printing process, so that an optimal printing form can be created.

At the pre-print stage we advise our customers on all questions to do with printing technology and provide samples of the optimum printing and finishing for the desired packaging.

  • Advice on print image
  • Final print approval
  • Graphic design and adjustments
  • Production of proofs
  • Pre-press management (SAP)
  • Procuring the printing plate
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