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Logistics is an integrated component of our service package. We help you develop tailored logistics solutions.

Using state-of-the-art IT, we plan, integrate and optimize cross-company logistics chains spanning the entire supply chain, thereby creating added value for all parties involved.

Our logistics solutions cover the spectrum from provision to environmentally compatible disposal and recycling. We will also provide pallets on request and ensure they are tracked and returned. Our co-packing department ensures that your product arrives at its destination promptly and safely. This includes intermediate storage and customs clearance.

Value stream mapping – internal and external, in conjunction with customers and suppliers – shows us where we can make our service faster and more streamlined.

Plan, load and deliver
“Load and deliver”: we employ an intelligent mix of our own vehicle fleet, regional haulers and international logistics companies to ensure that most of the goods produced are delivered to the end customer on the same day. The logistics mix also makes it possible to guarantee smooth processing even in the face of heavy fluctuations in volumes, occasioned for instance by special customer offers.

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