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Die-cutter models

Whether we are manufacturing die-cutting tools for mass production or sample tools ready for series production, we produce them to the same high standard in line with your needs.

Would you like more information? Please call us on +41 71 626 71 11 or e-mail us at: info [dot] mag [at] modelgroup [dot] com

Flatbed die-cutters
We manufacture flatbed die-cutters and die-cutting accessories for a wide variety of applications, for example to die-cut folding boxes and packaging from cardboard, corrugated board and transparent materials. The finished tools can be used with ease in hand-operated presses, beam presses, complex production lines and the latest automated die-cutting machines.
Stripping boards
The latest automated die-cutting machines require precision stripping technology that complies with very low tolerances. Our stripping and stacking tools also ensure that waste is stripped quickly and efficiently in high-performance die-cutting machines.
Die accessories
Perfa-Type and embossing tools, for example, can be fixed to the die to add perforated or embossed serial numbers, logos, symbols etc.
State-of-the art cross-cutting and bending machines
Your specifications and designs are loaded directly into our CAD system for processing. The CAD system feeds your manufacturing data straight into state-of-the-art production equipment such as lasers and rule processors. Two-point and three-point steel strip lines up to a height of 50 mm can be produced with a high degree of precision.
Clean Cut Rubber
Vossen Profitec’s rubbering system creates the ideal physical conditions at the cutting blades to ensure clean edges when die-cutting corrugated board.
Calibre cutting dies
Using calibre rubbers ensures equal pressure along the cutting line across the entire die. This minimises the setup time and protects the cutting lines against wear, so you benefit from more efficient and cost-effective production.
Heidelberg platen press / Heidelberg cylinder press
We produce flatbed die-cutting tools for these machines every day with short lead times, be they for folders, index cards, labels or perforation dies.

State-of-the-art production equipment
Our state-of-the-art production equipment such as laser and water-jet cutters and milling/cutting plotters is not only used to make flatbed die-cutting tools. We can also work with you to develop innovative applications, including cutting fabrics, conical foam blanks, boat blanks, sandpapers and other tasks involving textiles. For thermoformed and blister packaging, we offer flatbed die-cutting tools with a blade height of up to 100 mm.


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