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  • 16. Mar. 2017

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Anticipation is high – two Model AG packaging solutions have been nominated for a Swiss Packaging Award 2017 in the Design and Marketing categories from a total of 51 submissions.

  • 28. Feb. 2017

    The newly opened production plant of Model Opakowania in Nowa Sól has already found it place on the official town map. The local newspaper Nowa Sól Nasze Miasto [Nowa Sol Our Town] has prepared a board game for its readers - the town’s inhabitants. The Start and Finish line are in Model’s location!  

  • Model Holding AG, CH-Weinfelden - Model Group cardboard and corrugated board packaging, recorded consolidated Group sales of CHF 874 million in the 2016 fiscal year. This represents an increase of 42% over the previous year. CHF 88 million were invested in innovation, modernisation and expansion projects.

    14. Feb. 2017
  • 3. Feb. 2017

    Model Obaly, CZ-Opava - Model Obaly a.s. will once again award young talented designers in their annual package design competition. We are happy to announce the theme for this year’s theme of Young Package is Open & Play - anticipating innovative and playful packaging solutions. 

  • 12. Jan. 2017

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Digital Printing: Model AG is known as a pioneer in digital printing. Cleaning specialist Kärcher is the latest customer to benefit from Model‘s skills and expertise.

  • 22. Dec. 2016



  • 19. Dec. 2016

    More than 852 tons of food have been collected during this year's nationwide food collection conducted by Bank Żywności (the Food Bank).


  • 7. Dec. 2016

    Model GmbH, DE-Berka/Werra, - We supply corrugated board products in all imaginable formats, grades and compositions, fast and reliable.

  • 6. Dec. 2016

    It is already for the second time that Oxford Debate Championship was held in Bilgoraj. The event was organized by Bilgoraj Cable TV and the student teams of two Bilgoraj’s secondary schools: a general & vocational and a comprehensive school were competing for the title of “Leader of the Future”. Model Opakowania was the strategic sponsor of the event. 

  • 6. Dec. 2016

    A year's supply of carton boxes for the purposes of charity actions run by the Food Bank SOS in Warsaw was granted by Model Opakowania in Czosnów. This is a subsequent year in which we share what we do best - packaging.


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