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  • 30. Jun. 2018

    Model AG – Weinfelden – We have repeatedly shown that corrugated board is a versatile material; this time, we created a product especially for football fans to commemorate the World Cup.

  • 15. Jun. 2018

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden – Drinks cartons dropped off at Aldi are being recycled by Model and returned to the closed paper cycle.

  • Model Holding AG, CH-Weinfelden - The Model Group recorded consolidated Group revenue of CHF 915 million in the 2017 fiscal year. This represents an increase of 4.6% over the previous year. CHF 86 million were invested in modernisation, sustainability and expansion projects.

    5. Jun. 2018
  • 18. May. 2018

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Smart, recyclable solutions that push a brand’s image are in demand.

  • 3. May. 2018

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - The packaging industry has always adapted to social trends. But it is by no means a one-way relationship.

  • 9. Apr. 2018

    Model AG – Weinfelden – ‘For youth, with youth’ – With this as our motto, we have partnered with an innovative, long-term project based in Thurgau doing groundbreaking work.

  • 27. Mar. 2018

    Model AG, Niedergösgen – Focus on your core business and leave the packaging and shipping to us.

  • 7. Mar. 2018

    Model Kramp GmbH, Hanau – Packaging coated with scented varnish gives off the fragrance of the enclosed perfume via microscopic capsules, offering new opportunities at the POS.

  • 21. Feb. 2018

    Model AG, CH - Weinfelden - Transport packaging is getting smarter, creating an ideal basis for Logistics 4.0.

  • 7. Feb. 2018

    Model GmbH, D-Bad Bentheim - after a successful EMPACK fair in Mechelen, Belgium, Model will be exibhitor at EMPACK Utrecht, Netherlands, again.


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