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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 77 3rd Quarter 2010 - Change

    Model Box No. 77 - Change

    Editorial: August Ghetta, Kaizen within Model Group, Fair Trade Chocolats Halba, Trends - Sustainable market development, Series: Customers crave authenticity, Part 2, Effective advertising message, Communiaction: Mobile tagging, Development of young talent at Model, The world of cardboard, Pack Shop Online, Looking ahead

  • No. 76 2nd Quarter 2010 - Symbiosis

    Model Box No. 76 - Symbiosis

    Editorial: Markus Rechsteiner, Low-migration printing inks, Chocolatier Suchard - Interview with Kraft Foods, Interview with DQS Lead Auditor, Zero Defect System - Model AG, Series: Consumer crave authenticity, New building for Model Kramp GmbH, Innovation is more than a buzzword, Products and innovations, Innovation in bee-keeping, dynamism and flexibility

  • No. 75 1st Quarter 2010 - Contents

    Model Box No. 75 - Contents

    Editorial: Daniel Model, In forward gear despite sales reversal, Production sites, Pack Shops, Organization, Investements - processes - optimization, New building for Model Kramp, Integration - vision and flexibility, All under one roof, Inoflex - technological lead, Products and innovations, Responsibility - cooperation and solutions, Pack Shop, Model-Group in 2009

  • No. 74 3rd Quarter 2009 - Naturally

    Model Box No. 74 - Naturally, Model

    Editorial: Martin Model, Sustainability – part of the Model philosophy, Food packaging safety - Interview with Head of the Food Control Authority, Interview with Key Account Manager for printing inks for food packaging, Interview with CEO Chocolats Halba, Creative packaging, Materials made from plant fibers, Pack Shop, Model AG and Thurpapier FSC certified, KaSchuTi – A table with many uses

  • No. 73 2nd Quarter 2009 - Co-Packing

    No. 73 2nd Quarter 2009 - Co-Packing

    This edition includes the following themes:
    •CoPack Plus in Nymburg
    •Egnach Foundation: Focusing on the human factor
    •Model Group: Co-Packing
    •BINA: The world of food
    •Model Group: UV varnish
    •Globus – shopping as an exceptional experience

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