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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 79 1st Quarter 2011 - Powerful

    Model Box No. 79 - Powerful

    Editorial: Daniel Model, Annual Report, Model Group Locations, Organization, Model Top Initiative, Investments, Processes, Optimization, Aarepapier and Thurpapier, Confectionary packaging, Cosmetics packaging, Die-Cutting tool making, Products and innovations, Awards, Pack Shop, Model World 2010



  • No. 78 4th Quarter 2010 - Moment

    No. 78 4th Quarter 2010 - Moment, Model, Customer magazine

    Editorial: Iris Brugger, Packaging as an eyecatcher, Limbic Design - An Interview with Martin Amann, Founder of the Amann & Partner agency, Finishing - Confectionary packaging, Series: Consumers crave authentacity (Part 3), Interview: Christine Descours, Coordination Head Developement Clarins Group, and Bruno le Masne, Purchasing Director Clarins Paris, Innovation: Multilayer technology, Interview: Marc Flückiger, Project Management/Purchasing Züger Frischkäse AG, Products and innovation, new GLUEJET gluing table, looking back on at the WEGA: Children's world out of corrugated cardboard

  • No. 77 3rd Quarter 2010 - Change

    Model Box No. 77 - Change

    Editorial: August Ghetta, Kaizen within Model Group, Fair Trade Chocolats Halba, Trends - Sustainable market development, Series: Customers crave authenticity, Part 2, Effective advertising message, Communiaction: Mobile tagging, Development of young talent at Model, The world of cardboard, Pack Shop Online, Looking ahead

  • No. 76 2nd Quarter 2010 - Symbiosis

    Model Box No. 76 - Symbiosis

    Editorial: Markus Rechsteiner, Low-migration printing inks, Chocolatier Suchard - Interview with Kraft Foods, Interview with DQS Lead Auditor, Zero Defect System - Model AG, Series: Consumer crave authenticity, New building for Model Kramp GmbH, Innovation is more than a buzzword, Products and innovations, Innovation in bee-keeping, dynamism and flexibility

  • No. 75 1st Quarter 2010 - Contents

    Model Box No. 75 - Contents

    Editorial: Daniel Model, In forward gear despite sales reversal, Production sites, Pack Shops, Organization, Investements - processes - optimization, New building for Model Kramp, Integration - vision and flexibility, All under one roof, Inoflex - technological lead, Products and innovations, Responsibility - cooperation and solutions, Pack Shop, Model-Group in 2009

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