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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 84 2nd Quarter 2012 - Online

    Model Box No. 84

    Editorial: Dania Gerhardt, Online presence, Social media, QR code, Packaging development, Lean management, Workflow management, A medium in the digital age, new products, Interview with Simmler Konfitüren, new display system: Colonna

  • No. 83 1st Quarter 2012 - Solid

    Model Box No. 83 - Solid

    Editorial: Daniel Model, Model Group 2011, Our production sites, Organization, Interview with Porsche Consulting, Model Top Initiative, Momentum in the Model Group, Aarepapier, Thurpapier, Services - Model Tools, Elegant packaging, Cosmetics packaging, new products, Pack Shop - QR Code, Model World 2011

  • No. 82 4. Quarter 2011 - Specialists

    Model Box No. 82 - Specialists

    Editorial: Fabian Lang, Training in the Model Group, Innovation and design, Food packaging, Quality at top speed, Process safety as basis of quality, Product development, Interview with Stefanie Luginbühl, paper designer, Interview with Strähl Käse AG

  • No. 81 3rd Quarter 2011 - Noble

    Model Box No. 81 - Noble

    Editorial: Nadja Ankele, Packaging identity, Nobility in paper, Concept and shape, Shopping experience at the POS, Cosmetics packaging, Refinement for noble chocolate, new products, Model Top Initiative, Recyclable, sustainable

  • No. 80 2nd Quarter 2011 - Copack Plus

    Model Box No. 80 - Copack Plus, Model, Consumermagazine

    Editorial: Christoph Häfeli, Packaging and picking, Full service - from receipt of goods to shipping, Finishing, Series: Consumers crave authenticity, Part 4 (final part), Copack Plus in Europe, Process optimiuation in the packaging industry, Interview: Nina Pastaschek, JR. Brand Manager Heineken, Pack Shop - logistics, new products, Carry pallet system

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