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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 87 1st Quarter 2013 - Orientation


    Editorial: Dr. Daniel Model, business report, production sites, organization, Model Top Initiative, investments / processes / optimization, paper cycle, Aarepapier, Thurpapier, Interview with Geberit Produktions AG, new products, company: Pack Shop, sponsoring / awards

  • No. 86 4th Quarter 2012 - Change

    Model Box No. 86 - Change

    Editorial: Edoardo Finotti, training, system innovation, data management tool, Certification: PSO, shop window displays, Interview with Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG, cosmetics packaging, new products, new die-cutting line, awards

  • No. 85 3rd Quarter 2012 - Logistics

    Model Box No. 85 - Logistics

    Editorial: Paul Sigrist, Business Support, Lean Logistik, Shared supply management, Disposal, Interview with Häusle Deutschland GmbH, Focus on load carriers, Pack Shop Delivery service, new products

  • No. 84 2nd Quarter 2012 - Online

    Model Box No. 84

    Editorial: Dania Gerhardt, Online presence, Social media, QR code, Packaging development, Lean management, Workflow management, A medium in the digital age, new products, Interview with Simmler Konfitüren, new display system: Colonna

  • No. 83 1st Quarter 2012 - Solid

    Model Box No. 83 - Solid

    Editorial: Daniel Model, Model Group 2011, Our production sites, Organization, Interview with Porsche Consulting, Model Top Initiative, Momentum in the Model Group, Aarepapier, Thurpapier, Services - Model Tools, Elegant packaging, Cosmetics packaging, new products, Pack Shop - QR Code, Model World 2011

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