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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 56 1st Quarter 2005 - Moving ahead, quick and balanced

    Model Box No. 56 - Moving ahead, quick and balanced, Model, Customer Magazine

    This edition includes the following themes:

    •2004 Annual Report
    •Western Region (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France)
    •Central Region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)
    •South-Eastern Region (Croatia)
    •Thurpapier, Inoflex

  • No. 44 1st Quarter 2002

    Model Box No. 44

    This edition includes the following themes:

    •Laminated Corrugated Packaging
    •Point of Sale (POS) Floor and Counter Displays
    •Folding and Rigid Cardboard Boxes
    •Luxury Packaging for the Prime Segment
    •Model Global Packaging Services®: Our Pack Shop Products
    •Thurpapier Weinfelden – 2001 Environmental Report

    Model Box No. 44 (PDF, 847.36 KB)


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