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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • Model Box No. 101 Spring 2017 - Strength

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Model Box No. 101 Spring 2017 - Strength.
    As surely as spring comes in nature, we too can recharge our batteries amid the trials and tribulations of modern society, giving us the energy to embrace innovation and move ahead with purpose and drive.

    Further information in this edition: 3 Editorial / 4 CEO’s report /
    5 COO reports / 8 Organisation 2017 / 10 Our locations / 12 Investments /
    18 Interview InSmoke / 20 WORLD of cardboard / 23 Trade fairs and Publication Details

    We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of Model Box.

  • Model Box No. 100 Autumn 2016 - Creation

    Model Box No. 100 - Creation

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Model Box Nr. 100 - Creation. And what about the creator? Is he or she the ’unmoved mover’, as Thomas Aquinas said? Whatever the answer, being a creation does not mean that we cannot ourselves be creators. After all, in the words of the German proverb, ’to be a practitioner takes skill, but to be a master takes vision’.

    Further information in this edition: 03 Editorial / 04 Pioneer / 05 Investment – logistics / 06 Model Opakowania, Nowa Sól / 07 Investment – Pacomat III / 08 Investment – new goods warehouse / 09 Digital printing – Kärcher / 10 Interview – DAVID AG / 12 Corrugated board sheets / 14 Finishing – look and feel / 16 Young Package / 18 Packaging congress / 19 A cycling adventure / Impressum

    We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of Model Box.

  • Model Box no 99 Summer 2016 - Summer Feeling

    Model Box no 99 - Summer Feeling

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Model Box Nr. 99 - Summer Feeling. Summer. A time of sun, balmy evenings, and carefree thoughts…
    But when you make paper 24/7 for the manufacture of corrugated board, summer can at times also transform your production halls into tropical hothouses with very high humidity and temperatures hitting 50 °C.

    Further information in this edition: 03 Editorial / 04 More than packaging / 06 Zweifel – interview / 08 New folder-gluers / 11 Digital printing / 12 Flexo preprint process / 14 Finishing / 16 WORLD of cardboard /  17 EckPack – interview / 18 Model gets creative / 19 Bronze medal / Publication details

    We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of Model Box.

  • Model Box No 98 Spring 2016 - Spring Awakening

    Model_Box_No_98 -_Spring_Awakening

    Model is expanding into new geographical markets. We are promoting innovation – from the beginning of the value chain, by turning waste products into recyclable materials – right up to printing packaging, and taking the pressure out of printing in the process. We continue to prefer quality over quantity, and to rely on a tried and tested currency: joy in what we do.

  • Model Box No. 97 4th Quarter 2015 - Metamorphosis

    Model_Box_Model Group

    Why is the Model Group undergoing something of a metamorphosis? Is it because of the current currency challenges? Is it because leading employees are retiring? Is it because we want to tap in to the further savings and other potential in how we provide our services to the market? Is it because we have new ideas about how we could squeeze even more out of waste paper? Is it because the pressure might be taken out of printing? Or might it be time to shed our skin, as part of the natural process of renewal? I’m sure you have already guessed: all of the above play their part in this change.

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