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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No 96 3rd Quarter 2015 - Revolution

    Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - How fundamentally will the new BOBST press change the packaging market, and why? When did BOBST start working with Model? Are there particular reasons for giving Model pole position? How will production look in the future?

    You'll find the answers in the new Model Box !

    For further information call us T +41 71 626 71 11 or send us a mail: info [dot] ch [at] modelgroup [dot] com

  • No. 95 1st Quarter 2015 - Earth


    Editorial: Dr. Daniel Model, business report, production sites, organization, investments in 2014 - central region, digital printing: looks impressive, investments in 2014 - western region, Model ICC - innovation, interview - Peter Oertlin - Recommerce AG, tailor-made, Model Kramp recognised as top supplier, products, Model at Easyfairs 2015

  • No. 94 - 4. Quarter 2014 - Direction


    Editorial: Elisabeth Model, Climate-neutral packaging, Model Recover, Model Kramp GmbH, Model ICC, Production 4.0, Interview – Peter Weibel, STIHL Kettenwerk Schweiz, Logistics, Energy Management at Thurpapier, Award-winning, World of Cardboard, climate-neutral purchasing, Papertrading - A holiday challenge

  • No. 93 - 3. Quarter 2014 - Air


    Editorial: Thomas Röder, Interview - Jeff Lüscher, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., Display promotion,Industry 4.0, Successful apprentices, Interview - Isabelle Imhof, HUG AG, Model ICC, Interview - Beate Seibüchler, Uschi Riget, SCHIESSER SCHWEIZ AG, Swiss Packaging Award / World of Cardboard, Investment, Preview: LUXE PACK / Publication details

    Model Box No. 93 - Air (PDF, 3.64 MB)
  • No. 92 - 2. Quarter 2014 - Water

    Model Box Nr. 92, Kundenzeitschrift, Model-Gruppe, Model

    Editorial: Andreas Gallo, Thurpapier - fire protection solution, Transport protection, Finishing, Interview - Distillerie Blackmint, Kübler & Wyss , Interview - Lekkerland (Schweiz) AG, Efficient shelf-stocking, Hygiene certification, Interview - La!Creme GmbH, World of Cardboard, Model RSS Feed


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