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Model Box - Die Kundenzeitschrift

  • No. 95 1st Quarter 2015 - Earth


    Editorial: Dr. Daniel Model, business report, production sites, organization, investments in 2014 - central region, digital printing: looks impressive, investments in 2014 - western region, Model ICC - innovation, interview - Peter Oertlin - Recommerce AG, tailor-made, Model Kramp recognised as top supplier, products, Model at Easyfairs 2015

  • No. 94 - 4. Quarter 2014 - Direction


    Editorial: Elisabeth Model, Climate-neutral packaging, Model Recover, Model Kramp GmbH, Model ICC, Production 4.0, Interview – Peter Weibel, STIHL Kettenwerk Schweiz, Logistics, Energy Management at Thurpapier, Award-winning, World of Cardboard, climate-neutral purchasing, Papertrading - A holiday challenge

  • No. 93 - 3. Quarter 2014 - Air


    Editorial: Thomas Röder, Interview - Jeff Lüscher, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., Display promotion,Industry 4.0, Successful apprentices, Interview - Isabelle Imhof, HUG AG, Model ICC, Interview - Beate Seibüchler, Uschi Riget, SCHIESSER SCHWEIZ AG, Swiss Packaging Award / World of Cardboard, Investment, Preview: LUXE PACK / Publication details

    Model Box No. 93 - Air (PDF, 3.64 MB)
  • No. 92 - 2. Quarter 2014 - Water

    Model Box Nr. 92, Kundenzeitschrift, Model-Gruppe, Model

    Editorial: Andreas Gallo, Thurpapier - fire protection solution, Transport protection, Finishing, Interview - Distillerie Blackmint, Kübler & Wyss , Interview - Lekkerland (Schweiz) AG, Efficient shelf-stocking, Hygiene certification, Interview - La!Creme GmbH, World of Cardboard, Model RSS Feed

  • No. 91 1. Quarter 2014 - Fire

    Model_Box_No._91_Fire, Model, Customer magazine

    Editorial: Dr. Daniel Model, business report, production sites, organization, Model Top Initiative, investments, Process Standard Digital, Model Innovation and Competence Center, Model Pack Shop, Interview with Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG, new products, sponsoring / awards


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