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Model AG, Weinfelden – Model Tec: conceptual support with the planning of packaging facilities.

Our specialists focus on the improvement of packaging processes and offer targeted support with all questions related to application technology.

They not only advise you regarding packaging and logistics issues, but also assist you with the optimisation of transport and storage processes, and can even provide packaging audits and certifications. The optimisation process begins immediately after your call, when the current situation is recorded and tasks are assigned.

Take advantage of ModelTec’s many years of experience to enhance your market position and benefit from our specialised expertise.

  • Consulting and support for automation processes 
  • Placement of packaging machines
  • Implementation of special solutions
  • Analysis and new concepts
  • Consulting/optimisation of packaging range
  • Logistics process consulting
  • Packaging audit and certification
  • Project assistance
  • Assistance with packaging tests

Begin your optimisation today and get in touch with us: info [dot] ch [at] modelgroup [dot] com

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