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This packaging will put a smile on your face

Luxury packaging For You First Model

Model AG, CH-Au - High quality ForYouFirst aligner boxes under manufacture at Model AG, Au, St Gallen.

«The boxes should be highly functional and they should also reflect the high quality of the discerning service. In addition, they should leave the customers – you could say, the brand ambassadors – with a positive impression, even after treatment has finished. We manage to achieve this in every respect with the packaging from Model,» says Dr. A. Brice Kounga, CTO, ForYouFirst AG.

Packaging that puts a smile on your face? No problem. Swiss packaging manufacturer Model has successfully developed packaging that picks up on both the functional and the emotional elements of the product in equal measure. And elicits an expectant smile from recipients – even before they open it.

Practical and comfortable at the same time, reflecting the nature of the product and conveying the essence of the company’s brand – this what packaging should always do. Indeed in this case, it has achieved the perfect symbiosis of functionality and emotionality. Packaging that stands for clarity, transparency and quality: The lavishly produced and coated boxes for the aligners, high quality dental braces from ForYouFirst, meet the demands and expectations of both the manufacturer and its customers perfectly.

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