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Displays: Variability is the motto

Evian display cubes

Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Versatile cubes show off their strengths.

Displays must be quick and easy to transport and simple to set up on-site. They should take up little space and make optimum use of the space. And, of course, they must be fit for purpose, with an optimal display of the product at the POS.

Displays made of a mono-material such as cardboard offer a major advantage in that they can be put straight into the recycling process at the end of their service life, skipping the time-consuming sorting process. Nevertheless, packaging and displays made of solid or corrugated cardboard still meet all the requirements for stability and strength. And they can be made-to-measure. Similarly, there are no limits when it comes to shape and colour. Graphic designers and layout artists have full freedom of creativity. The displays can be printed, depending on the image and number of copies, using any printing process to meet the requirements of the customer or the industry sector. The possibilities are practically limitless. In the food sector, of course, printing with food-safe, water-based ink is a given nowadays.

Trend towards simple cubes
It is also understandable that the trend nowadays is towards simple cubes or box shapes. They are well on the way to overtaking shelf-like displays. They make optimum use of the space and are easy to pack, stack and transport. Hence, they are not a heavy burden on logistics. With their clear shape, they are a hit at the POS. The individual elements are modular and can be combined as desired. This makes them perfect for the display of different product categories or quantities.

So, for example, different flavours can be clearly presented for drinks, sweets or chocolates. Similarly, cosmetics and perfumes in cube displays also grab the attention. In addition, the individual cubes also come in different sizes and be put together asymmetrically. They can even be turned a full 360 degrees. Thus, the possibilities for variation are almost endless, which in turn means a constant flow of new and creative ideas can be implemented in sales areas.

Would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to contact me:
Mario Sackmann
Junior Key Account Manager, Model AG
T +41 79 690 29 67
mario [dot] sackmann [at] modelgroup [dot] com

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