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Zoe & Zazu wins Pro Carton Excellence Award 2018!


Model AG, Au (St. Gallen) – Zoë & Zazu packaging wins the Carton Excellence Award 2018, which honours the best packaging solutions in Europe. The packaging topped the ‘Frozen & Chilled Foods’ category.

Zoë & Zazu offers an innovative packaging that attracts customers from the very first glance. The design features two goats, Zoë and Zazu, that act as personal ambassadors for the tasty goat’s cheese. The story continues in the interior packaging, which also displays a refreshing, fun aesthetic and captivates customers with its delightful concept. The packaging is completely free of glue, and includes tamper evidence and a food ordinance-compliant PET inner lining that acts as a protective barrier between the cardboard and the goat’s cheese.

Thanks to Model AG’s Fibre Evolution system, which also enables drinks cartons to be recycled, the PET-coated packaging can be added to the recycling bin.

Comments from the judges:
The simplicity of the design grabs your attention from the very first glance. The opening, presentation and closing mechanism have also been excellently implemented. The layout uses both the exterior and the interior to tell a story and market the product. Communication is key to the decision to buy and customer engagement. 

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