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Winner of the Prix SVC (Swiss Venture Club) Eastern Switzerland, 2018

Model Packaging for corvaglia winner

Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - The corvaglia Group manufactures cap solutions for PET bottles in Canton Thurgau, Switzerland and in Mexico. Its products set global standards.

Over a period of two decades, a company group with some 275 employees, two sites (the third will begin production in the USA at the end of 2018) and a worldwide network of partners has become firmly established. It now counts renowned multinational conglomerates among its customers. corvaglia's annual output of bottle caps, including its partner network, has grown to 80 billion. The corvaglia Group itself produces 6 billion per year. One in every five PET bottle caps in the world is designed in Eschlikon.

In addition to innovation and pioneering spirit, another of corvaglia's strengths is its fully integrated process chain, from the creation of cap solutions to fitting them on the bottle. Its expert team approaches every challenge with zeal and curiosity, whether it's cap design and development, manufacturing the moulds, which produce the caps, or supporting customers with cap application. On 8 March 2018, the corvaglia Group was awarded the Prix SVC award for Eastern Switzerland in recognition of its unparalleled pioneering work and great success. Congratulations from Model!

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