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Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Fibre Evolution plant is now officially in use!

How often have I described myself or all of us as being 'switched on'?

This was an especially appropriate turn of phrase at 11.20 am on 3 April 2017, when I joined a highly enthusiastic team to pull the safety lever and press the green button that sent 690 volts into the switch cabinetsThe fact that the team had also organised a little ceremony for my wife and myself to inaugurate the vacuum pulper and 800-kW disperger motor bearing the initials EM and DM was the icing on the cake – and I do love cake!

The machines were launched into service with the ceremonial breaking of two bottles of champagne. It now rests with Besim Asllani and his young team to use this array of machinery to recover the fibres we need to make strong paper. My congratulations go to the fibre evolution project team, which has navigated some occasionally choppy waters with great verve.

Now we are switched on and powered up – and I wish everyone all the best!
Yours Daniel Model
Chairman & CEO Model Group

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