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#1 InSmoke packaging awarded design prize

InSmoke winner Swiss Packaging Award 2017, design category

Model AG, CH-Au (SG) - The winner of this year's Swiss Packaging Award in the design category is called InShape packaging.

The prize-worthy packaging is a high-quality, refined solution for e-cigarette liquids. The enormously attractive tray, with ten individual packs for ten different liquids in various flavours, is a real eye-catcher. We are pleased to have won this prize in the design category and our thanks go to Fabian Aeschlimann and Stefan Meile, Hemag Nova AG, as well as Jürg Scheuring, who had the lead of this project from Model's side.

The awards ceremony took place on 25 April 2017, the first day of the Packaging Innovations trade fair in Zurich. 

InShape packaging for liquids in 30 flavours -

Another success story - thanks to Scania AG, Mr Schönenberger - is the Scania V8 packaging, which was nominated for a Swiss Packaging Award 2017 in the marketing category. The unique shape of the packaging and its extraordinary design have led to this decision of the jury. The leader of the project was Marc Lehmann from Model AG in Moudon.



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