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Young Package Design Competition – Deadline is 24.3.2017


Model Obaly, CZ-Opava - Model Obaly a.s. will once again award young talented designers in their annual package design competition. We are happy to announce the theme for the 22nd year of Young Package is Open & Play. The aim of this theme is to motivate young creatives to consider how packaging design could be more fun. We are looking for packaging that will protect products but that will also create an unforgettable unwrapping experience for the consumer. We’re looking for designs that will push the existing boundaries of packaging design into the realms of interactive objects, games, or happenings. Design a package you would like to play with! Prove that even protective packaging can be fun!

We invite students and young designers to use modern technologies, package a favourite product in a playful way, create a surprise, or design packaging children would like to play with. The motto, „ Play with packaging “, follows on from last year’s topic – PACKAGE UNLIMITED, in which students and young designers created packaging that had several uses. The winner of Young Package 2016 was student of Pilsen University, Matěj Peca. He created a pizza box that could be easily transformed to a waste paper bin. The jury appreciated the fact that the secondary function upgraded the package into a new object. This kind of interactivity is something we are looking for this year too.

The competition is aimed at young designers up to 30 years of age. It is divided into two groups: the first one is for university students and young designers up to 30 years of age; the other one is for high-school students.

The winners will receive 2800 EUR altogether and one of the winners will also be chosen for a threeweek remunerated internship at the Model Obaly Innovation Centre.

Competitors can register online at
Deadline is 24.03.2017

We are looking forward to receiving many creative solutions!

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