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Model AG, CH-Weinfelden - Digital Printing: Model AG is known as a pioneer in digital printing. Cleaning specialist Kärcher is the latest customer to benefit from Model‘s skills and expertise.

The world leader in cleaning technology has opted for the many advantages of digital printing on corrugated board: enormous flexibility in design, rapid changes to layout, outstanding print quality, and short delivery times. The print results that Model is now producing for certain Kärcher pressure washers and vacuum cleaners stand out for their colour reproduction and sparkling clarity.

This sealed the deal for the cleaning equipment specialist, which attaches the utmost importance to the print quality of its packaging – perfectly showcasing the appliance and its capabilities. At the same time, digital printing opens up opportunities to Kärcher that it had previously been unaware of. For example, a variety of layouts can now be bundled together into a single production run, making digital printing a more cost-effective alternative to the more complicated offset printing process. There is no need to have printing plates made, and small and medium-sized runs can be ordered at short notice, meaning that Kärcher can act more rapidly on the market, and retailers served more flexibly.

Contactless printing preserves flute 
Another crucial advantage of digital is that, unlike other direct printing processes, the flute is not put under pressure, avoiding the unwanted washboard effect. Contactless printing also means that lower-cost liner and fluting papers can be used. This is what Frank Kötzle, Head of Packaging Development at Kärcher, has to say: ”Print quality and colour reproduction are very important to us, especially having switched to our new corporate design, with the emphasis on yellow and accentuated product presentation. The digital printing process delivers exactly what we were looking for.”

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