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Model helps RCEZ students to develop their professional skills

Improvement of professional qualifications and increase of labour-market attractiveness of 300 RCEZ students are the main goals of the “Wysokie kompetencje – pewna przyszłość zawodowa” (High Competences – Certain Professional Future) project, executed with the use of EU funds by Regionalne Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej (RCEZ, Regional Centre for Professional Education) in collaboration with our company.

The project shall include furnishing of vocational workshops with modern equipment, additional classes increasing students’ practical skills and developing mathematical competences, as well as holiday vocational internships with local employers. Model, a company from Biłgoraj, will be involved in the execution of the last of the above-mentioned tasks.

From July to August, 13 students of mechatronics will receive training in our plant under the supervision of experienced professionals. They will all spend at least 150 hours at our facility. The internship will comprise several elements, including training sessions in such departments as production supervision, maintenance and production. During the internship the students will learn, for example, about the system of statistics, visualization, and assessment of production efficiency results, problem-solving methods according to the PDCA method, principles of process line control, pneumatic and electric systems, and basic principles of enterprise management. What is more, they will participate in the processes of diagnosing and recognising symptoms of possible failures and maintenance activities as part of periodic machine maintenance.

The internship in our company will teach the RCEZ students to recognise the symptoms of possible failures of selected machines, to conduct and assess the effectiveness of maintenance and adjustment activities at process lines, operate certain elements of process lines, and apply the PDCA problem-solving method (plan, do, check, act) in practice. Under the care of individual tutors each intern will have an opportunity to receive specific, personalised feedback and advice adapted to their own needs that will help them develop professional-level skills.

We deeply believe that the internship programme developed by our professionals will provide the participants with valuable professional experience.

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