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Model SA has been part of the Model Group since 1985. The company is an innovative and competent developer of corrugated board packaging and display solutions. These products are manufactured using sophisticated flexoprint and offset technology on high performance converters.

Facts & Figures: 
Products and services: Corrugated board packaging and display solutions
Quality certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, BRC/IoP
Environmental certificates: FSC COC, CO2, climate-neutral production, SMETA, CO2&kWh reduced

General Terms and Conditions:

GTC Model AG, July 2015
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase: GTCP Model AG, Jan. 2016
Production capacity: 100 million m2 per year

Model SA is a process oriented company focused on the efficient execution of customer orders. The company primarily serves French-speaking Switzerland and France.

Core Team:

Sales: Daniel Schorpp
Production: Hikmet Demir




Model SA
Chemin du Devin 3
Case postale 262
CH-1510 Moudon
T +41 21 905 85 00
F +41 21 905 85 01
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