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Zagreb Industry

Model Pakiranja, Zagreb

Model Pakiranja became part of the Model Group in 2001. The company produces a wide range of corrugated board packaging. Equipped with highly efficient processing machinery, this business is one of Croatia's leading packaging manufacturers in terms of quality, reliability and innovation.

Facts & Figures: 
Products and services: Corrugated board packaging and display solutions
Production capacity: 150 Mio. m2 / year
Quality certification: ISO 9001

Model Pakiranja is a process-oriented company focused on the rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customer orders. The company supplies customers in Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Core team Model Pakiranja

Sales: Jurica Brkic
Production: Franjo Skok
Finance: Davorka Maderic




Model Pakiranja d.d.
Kanalski put 14a
HR-10000 Zagreb
T +385 1 240 96 19
F +385 1 2404 534
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