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Czosnów k. Warszawy

Model Opakowania in Czosnów was taken over as a small series operation in 2002. Additional machinery has been added since then. In 2008 the factory was completely refurbished and equipped with a new corrugated board machine and further converting machines. Model Opakowania is now one of the most up-to-date corrugated board packaging factories in Poland.

Facts & Figures: 

Besides manufacturing all kinds of corrugated board packaging, Model Czosnow also produces small runs of offset litho-laminated packaging.

Products and services: Corrugated board packaging, offset litho-laminated corrugated board packaging
Production capacity: 150 million m2 per year
Quality certifications: ISO 9001, FSC CoC

Model Opakowania is a process oriented company focused on rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customer orders. The company primarily serves the Warsaw-Lodz-Poznan market region.


Management Board Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o.

COO Poland:

Krzysztof Jażdżyk

Board Member in charge of production:                             

Dariusz Szozda


Management Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o., central functions

Project Manager:                                                                        

Jerzy Zub

Head of Finances:

Renata Zawiślak


Management, plant in Czosnow

Plant Manager:                                                       

Adam Szwedek

Sales Manager:

Paweł Rapcia






Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Duńska 1
PL-05-152 Czosnów/Warsaw
T +48 22 767 30 00
F +48 22 767 30 03
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