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Model Opakowania factory in Bilgoraj came on stream in 1998. It is one of the most modern corrugated board factories in Poland and offers the full range of packaging applications and solutions, from plain transport packaging to top quality displays. Expanded machinery alllows for introducing the most efficient manufacturing processes and the modern printing machines makes it is possible to combine an amazing six-color and muliticor printing. Model Opakowania was one of the first companies in the industry that receive a Declaration of Conformity, together with an ecological assessment of its packaging, carried out by the Polish Packaging Research and Development Center (COBRO).

Facts & Figures: 
Products and services: Corrugated board packaging
Production capacity: 150 million m2 per year
Quality certification: ISO 9001, FSC CoC, BRC PM

Model Opakowania is a process-oriented company focused on rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customer orders. The company primarily serves the market regions in the eastern part of Poland, Ukraine and eastern Slovakia. For special products, it cooperates closely with the other Model companies in the Czech Republic and Poland.


Management Board Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o.

COO Poland:

Krzysztof Jażdżyk

Board Member in charge of production:                             

Dariusz Szozda


Management Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o., central functions

Project Manager:                                                                        

Jerzy Zub

Head of Finances:

Renata Zawiślak


Management, plant in Biłgoraj

Sales Manager:

Arkadiusz Sadowski

Board Member in charge of production, Plant Manager:

Dariusz Szozda







Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Szwajcarska 1
PL-23-400 Bilgoraj
T +48 84 686 91 00
F +48 84 686 92 00
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