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Moravské Budějovice

Model Obaly,  Moravské Budějovice

The processing plant in Moravské Budějovice focuses on the development and production of packaging made of corrugated board (up to seven layers thick), custom products and large-size packaging. It also specializes in heavy solid board products up to 2000 g/m2 and small runs. This Model plant, which is located near the Austrian border, prides itself on meeting the specific demands of the customer, rapidly translating these wishes into development and production, and operationally realigning logistics to suit constantly changing customer specifications.

Facts & Figures: 
Products and services: Corrugated board, heavy solid board, special products
Production capacity: 30 million m2 corrugated board per year
5000 tons heavy solid board per year
Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC®

Model Obaly is a process oriented company focused on rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customer orders. The company primarily serves the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. For special products, it cooperates closely with other Model companies in the Czech Republic.

Model Obaly a. s. core team

Sales: Josef Chalupný
Production: Radek Šimka


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Model Obaly a. s.
K Hoře 1572
CZ-676 01 Moravské Budějovice
T +420 568 409 611
F +420 568 420 254
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