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Opava Industry

Model Obaly, Opava offers the largest production capacity and the widest range of corrugated board packaging products of all Model plants in Central Europe. The packaging developed here meets the highest market and logistics standards. The company offering ranges from plain transport packaging to sophisticated multi-color printed displays manufactured in quantities ranging from short runs to bulk.

The cooperation with the folding box plant on the same site facilitates exceptional combinations of corrugated board and cardboard as well as of offset and flexo printing.

Model Obaly is a process oriented company focused on rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customers' orders. The company serves primarily the market regions East Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and southern Poland. The plant works closely with other Model plants in the Czech Republic and Poland in the field of special products.

Facts & Figures: 
Products and services: Cardboard packaging and displays
Production capacity: 130 million m2 / year
Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC IoP, FSC®

Coreteam Model Obaly Corrugated board

Sales: Dalibor Klein
Manufacturing: Petr Benda




Model Obaly a. s.
Těšínská 2675/102
CZ-746 01 Opava
T+420 553 686 111
F +420 553 686 600
Model Obaly s.r.o.
Sales Office of Model Obaly
E.B. Lukáča 2
SK-036 01 Martin
+421 434 248 684
+421 434 301 181
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