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With the advantages of its location close to Prague, state-of-the-art equipment and the creativity of its employees, the Model plant in Nymburk is well positioned to meet the challenges raised by the functional and aesthetic requirements of corrugated board transport and sales packaging. Newly constructed in 1995, Model Nymburk puts optimal packaging solutions into practice. The factory's polyjoiner module sets new standards in sophisticated two-part corrugated board packaging.  Thanks to its hygiene certification, the plant is also able to produce packaging that meets the stringent standards of the food industry and other sectors.

Facts & Figures: 

Model Obaly is a process oriented company focused on rapid, flawless and efficient execution of customer orders. The company primarily serves Bohemia, south-western Poland and Germany. For special products, it cooperates closely with other Model companies in the Czech Republic.

Products and services: Corrugated board packaging and display solutions
Production capacity: 120 million m2 per year
Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC/IoP, FSC®

Core team Model Obaly

Sales: Josef Chalupný
Production: Jaroslav Śulc




Model Obaly a. s.
K Letišti 2219
CZ-288 02 Nymburk
T +420 325 544 111
F +420 325 514 845
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