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Model Group develops, produces and delivers intelligent, innovative, high-value packaging solutions using cardboard and corrugated board, ranging from simple transport packaging to chocolate and perfume boxes with sophisticated finishes. The Group consists of 10 subsidiaries in eight countries and has a headcount of more than 4'300. Its principal markets include Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. The Group's corporate headquarters are in Weinfelden in Canton Thurgau.

Model Holding AG is the holding company of the Model group. The Model family owns 100% of the shares.

Elisabeth and Dr. Daniel Model.

Our streamlined organization focuses on the efficient execution of business processes. Individual companies are process-oriented, with their own sales and development teams and a high degree of decision-making autonomy.

Model Management AG is the Group's management company, to which Group executive management and a few central functions are affiliated. A small number of Model Management AG employees coordinate the Group and define generally applicable standards for business processes and market image.

Board of Directors of Model Holding AG

Chairman Dr. Daniel Model
Vice-Chairman Elisabeth Model
Member Thomas Amstutz
Member Benedikt Goldkamp


Group Executive Platform  
CEO Dr. Daniel Model
COO Switzerland Elisabeth Model
COO Czech Republic Roman Jamnický
COO Poland Krzysztof Jażdżyk
CTO Edoardo Finotti
CFO Michael Apel

Ececutive Board Switzerland  
COO Elisabeth Model
Sales Rayan Pozzi
Production Erol Gencoglu
CFO Urs Stutz


Facts & Figures: 
Model Group in figures 2018 2017 2016
Consolidated sales in CHF million 991 915 874
Investments in CHF million 54 86 88
Corrugated board production, million m2 1'349 1,361 1'297
Laminated corrugated board packaging in million m2 49 43 45
Cardboard packaging in tonnes 21,400 22,500 24,000
Containerboard production in tonnes 399,600 388,600 383,600
Average number of employees 4,320 4,285 4,217



Model Holding AG
Industriestrasse 33
CH-8570 Weinfelden
T +41 71 626 76 21
F +41 71 626 76 22
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