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At Model, economic and environmental factors go hand in hand

The Model Group actively promotes the use of products with the FSC label. With the objective of protecting valuable woods and forests and guaranteeing responsible forest management. Model packaging is manufactured from recycled material and renewable raw materials.

Recyclable cardboard packaging is collected differently in each region. This is usually collected from household doorsteps and organized by public authorities, while the bring-back system is organized by private companies. Corrugated board packaging is sorted on a regional basis, pressed into bales and then recycled in the Model Group’s paper factories in Weinfelden and Niedergösgen. On two paper machines each with a working width of 250 cm and one with 500 cm, Thurpapier and Aarepapier manufacture container board from recycled materials which our Model factories then use to produce new high-quality, innovative packaging and sales displays. Having recognized the significance of alternative energies at an early stage, the Group's two paper factories, Aarepapier in Niedergösgen und Thurpapier in Weinfelden, use steam obtained from the incineration of waste material.


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