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Die Model Schule (DMS)

DMS – The Model Academy – A learning organisation

DMS – The Model Academy – fulfils its aim of being a learning organisation by offering all employees from Model Group a variety of different basic and further training opportunities. Courses are held in the motivating atmosphere of the MODELHOF arts and training venue.

DMS is built on four pillars: Start, Talent, Leadership and Focus. Our training and learning principles encourage course participants to take a deliberate step outside their comfort zones, and to be proactive in contributing their individual skills and interests. Our objectives are to develop solutions, and to ensure knowledge-transfer. Our values provide the foundation. We refer to them as our Quintessence.

The two-day Start course provides new staff with the basis of knowledge they need to start work within the Model Group. It also offers the time and opportunity for them to meet people at all levels of the company. New staff from the West region come to where the history of the Model Group began, and get to know the Model family and their values. 

The aim of DMS is to recognise the potential of Model employees. This is the Talent pillar. Attracting, promoting and retaining persons with potential is not only a economical concern. As a family-run company, it is also a matter of personal importance to us. We find talent at all levels of the company. This talent is found in promising employees who are able to take the company forward in the sense of our corporate objectives and corporate philosophy. The decision about whether an identified talent will actually be developed further, is always made by two people: the manager and the employee themselves. Initially, there is a gift waiting to be discovered. Once discovered, someone needs to open the doors to development. Ultimately, however, that personal development will not happen without a proper commitment from the talented individual themselves.

The continuous development of our managers’ capabilities is something close to our hearts. At regular intervals, internal, practical training and Workshops for management take place.

«Focus» covers short-term, needs-based training courses, workshops and coaching sessions. These are held in an individual (personal coaching) or group setting (team workshops). They extend beyond “Leadership” to include employees at all levels of the company. There is no limit to the topics that “Focus” may address. It offers time and space for subjects ranging from technical issues to aspects of personal development.


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